Frequently Asked Questions

Are they suitable for kids?

Our smoothie blends are great for kids. With oats, nuts and seeds and extra protein, our Breakfast Smoothie blends will help keep them full between meals, provide healthy fats, without any added sugar or hidden ingredients. We recommend a half serve for kids aged 4 years and over, as their protein needs are lower than for adults. You can tailor each smoothie with the milk and fruit to suits your kids’ tastes! Our smoothies are a super easy way to serve your kids a delicious and healthy breakfast packed with loads of wholesome ingredients. We all know how hard it can be to get kids to eat a healthy breakfast!

Can I drink it if I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

Yes - our blends are made with all natural ingredients (oats, nuts and seeds), no added sugar and have extra protein added (dairy-based whey protein) which may assist with meeting elevated protein requirements during pregnancy and breast feeding. But we do always suggest you consult your healthcare professional before incorporating changes into your diet during pregnancy.

How much sugar is in it?

Our Breakfast Smoothie blends have absolutely no sugar added. There are naturally occurring sugars in the oats, nuts and seeds and we use just a little natural Stevia as well. You can see the total sugar on our Nutrition Information panel. There is 1.5g of sugar (less than ½ teaspoon) per 50g serve in our Cocoa Breakfast Smoothie blend and 2.3g of sugar (less than 2/3 teaspoon) per 50g serve in our Vanilla Breakfast Smoothie blend.

How much protein is in it?

There is 13g of protein per 50g serve in the Wholey Foods Breakfast Smoothie blend itself. When prepared with 250ml of dairy milk, it provides an additional average of 9g protein.

Is it dairy free?

No, we use grass-fed whey protein, which is a dairy-based protein.

Does it have lactose?

Our Breakfast Smoothies contain high quality Whey Protein Isolate which is very low lactose, but we cannot say it is lactose free.

Does it have soy?

The whey protein in our Breakfast Smoothie blends contains a very small amount of soy lecithin (less than 0.1%). This is a common ingredient in whey protein isolate and is needed to help the whey protein mix easily together. To the best of our knowledge, the soy lecithin we use does not contain GMO's.

Are they gluten free?

Our Breakfast Smoothie blends include ground oats. In Australia, oats cannot be labelled as gluten free. Oats in Australia are at risk of contamination by other gluten containing grains such as wheat, rye or barley due to crop rotation. Oats also contain a gluten containing protein called avenin and this has been shown to affect approximately 1 in 5 people with coeliac disease.

Are they wheat free?

Even though there is no wheat added as a direct ingredient to our Breakfast Smoothies, we don’t claim “Wheat Free”. This is due to potential cross contact at our manufacturing sites – or during the cultivation and harvesting of oats.

Can I use it to help me lose weight?

Our Wholey Foods Breakfast Smoothie blends are made with all natural ingredients - oats, nuts and seeds - and importantly no added sugar and boosted with protein. If you are trying to achieve a healthy weight, avoiding added sugar is important. Protein is also important in helping you feel full between meals. The blends also contain healthy fats from the nuts and seeds. It is important to talk to your preferred health professional about your weight loss goals and to discuss the right foods as well as exercise.

What is whey protein isolate? What do you mean by grass-fed?

Whey protein isolate is a high quality, popular form of protein that is often used as a dietary supplement or ingredient. Whey Protein is extracted through the separation of milk, which is further processed with great care to remove any fats and most lactose to create Whey Protein Isolate. Our Whey Protein Isolate contains very high levels of protein with >90% protein content. The Whey Protein Isolate used in our blends is produced using the milk of grass fed cows from New Zealand. The warm climate and productive pastures in the main dairy farming areas of New Zealand enable herds to graze in pasture year-round; reducing the need for feed supplements including grain

What is stevia?

Stevia is a natural sweetener from the leaf of the Stevia Rebaudianna plant. It has zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index.

Is it Australian made/owned?

Wholey Foods Breakfast Smoothie blends are made locally in Australia and 100% Australian owned. Most our ingredients are sourced from Australian and New Zealand, with some ingredients sourced from overseas.

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